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Angling Tuition

Angling Unlimited provides a wide range of angling tuition for young people. All of our coaches are professionally qualified, licensed Level 2 coaches.


Instruction is given on the following areas:

Health and Safety

Forms of conduct when going fishing and important points regarding an angler’s behaviour when by water.

Swim Selection & Water Craft

The importance of understanding that finding fish is as important as being able to use the tackle. About habitats and the habits of different species of fish.

Tackle Requirements

Descriptions and examples of the basic equipment for beginners, through to more technical descriptions and equipment for advanced anglers.

Setting up

The importance of setting up correctly, in an orderly way, seat box levelling and what is needed for an angling session. Descriptions and demonstrations of how to use the tackle such as rods and reels.


Different types of bait used and how to hook/present it, how to feed it and how to store it.


Different techniques such as feeding a swim, casting, mending line, recognising bait and setting the hook.

Hooking, playing and landing fish

Descriptions about the test curve

Fish Welfare

The importance of handling fish correctly, treating them with respect and care and how to reduce stress to fish being caught. Highlighting the natural protection of the fish, i.e: mucus, scales and skin. Demonstrating the correct way to handle fish, the removal of hooks and the returning of fish to the water unharmed. How to weigh fish and photograph them correctly and safely.

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