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Working with Schools

“The children have developed the qualities of patience, self-reliance and perseverance in a safe and structured setting. Teachers have noted improved concentration, self-esteem and engagement and there is no doubt that the project has been a very positive experience for all concerned.”

Angling is an effective way of engaging students in school and we continue to provide Angling sessions using a variety of programmes and courses for schools in Birmingham. If you feel our programme could help your school please get in touch.

Open College Network (OCN)

Staff at our central office are happy to discuss with teachers, social workers, parents or anybody interested in the services we provide. We will consider ways in which we can tailor our course to suit the needs of the young people involved.

Our courses enable students to learn skills such as literacy, numeracy, geography and biology as well as traits they carry through life such as communication, team work, planning and organisation. Schools have seen the effectiveness of our courses in bringing students who once were disconnected with education back with new enthusiasm to gain skills and qualifications. One secondary school has had nearly 200 students wanting to participate.

Special Education Needs Provision

Young people excluded from mainstream education can benefit greatly from the non-formal environment our angling programmes provide. The people we can support are those with special educational needs, those with low levels of addictions, low literacy and numeracy skills or those with low confidence and self-esteem.

Angling Unlimited Educational Programme

Students from a local primary school were taught to fish using a short pole. We were delighted to see how quickly they picked it up. Here is some feedback we got from them.

Lucas- “Excellent, I’ve enjoyed it. The second time we were fishing we went into the biggest lake and I caught the biggest Ghost Carp I’ve ever seen.”

James- “It’s awesome.”

Simone-“It’s improved my listening skills and concentration because you have to watch the float all the time not just look around at things.”

Alan Bride one of our school governors said “It gives them a reason to want to come to school. It has a positive outcome as the children are much more enthusiastic when they return to school.

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