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Carp on the Fly

If you love fishing for Carp and want to try something different, then Carp on the Fly is for you.

When it is too hot for traditional fly fishing, the Trout often go deep and sulk in the hot weather, but Carp on the other hand provide some great sport on the fly!

Fly fishing for Carp is a sport that is taking off here in the UK and is becoming a favoured way for many Carp anglers to catch their quarry.

The equipment needed for fly fishing for Carp is totally different to that needed for Carp fishing with conventional tackle.  You don't need to carry enough equipment to fill an articulated truck, all you need fits into a small bag, a landing net, an unhooking mat, plus of course, a strong fly rod set up, and that is about it.

Most anglers who fly fish for Carp in the UK encourage them to eat from the surface, but Carp can also be caught on lures and bloodworms when the conditions dictate.

We will provide you with all of the tackle and knwhow to fish for Carp on the Fly .

To book your session call Andy on 0121 475 2288 or 07879492179 or email on

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