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Community Grants

In order to support this local focus on the campaign, we are opening a grant process for organisations and groups of individuals to apply for small grants.

With this small grant, we provide a whole days fly fishing for up to 8x Asian Muslim young women  on Thursday 2nd April @ the Lenches Lakes.  The girls were shown how to assemble the equipment, shown how to cast, tie their own flies & catch some Trout.  We also taught the girls how to dispatch, gut & fillet the Trout. The Girls took home a Trout each to cook & then eat.   This gave the girls, all of whom have never tried fly fishing, the opportunity to try a new sport and learn the skills to continue in the sport of Fly fishing.  As there aren’t many, if any, Asian girl role models in Fly fishing, this also presented a golden opportunity to create role models for other Asian girls to follow.


The day also provided the girls with a good deal of physical exercise, as fly fishing is a very active way of fishing and involves constantly moving around the lakes in the fresh air of the countryside (two lakes totalling approx.40 acres in size) and continuing casting out line, etc.


All of the Girls, plus the 2x Youth Workers who came along, really enjoyed the day and want to do more fly fishing.

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