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Funding Requirements

Support from a wide range of partner organisations has always been critical to the success of 'Angling Unlimited'. Funding support is vital to fund our work and comes from:

  • Trusts and foundations
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Events
  • Business support

All of the Angling Unlimited programmes are delivered in partnership with others. Together we are transforming lives of young people and adults on our programmes.

Angling Unlimited seeks to strengthen the links between schools and the private or charitable sector sponsors.We also actively seek business sponsors to support Angling Unlimited with cash or goods sponsorship and take an ongoing role in the development of Angling Unlimited.

Funding requirements

This breakdown shows what funding is needed at Angling Unlimited which we would like for yourselves to give any contribution to:

  • Minibus:
  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • MOT
  • Fuel
  • Service
  • Equipment such as rods and reels.
  • DEAZ Programme
  • OCN Course.
  • Individual peer coaches for young people during fishing trips.
  • Advertising and Development.

If you would like to help, complete the form on the How to Help page

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