The impact the sport of fishing can have on an individual's health, well-being and personal development cannot be underestimated. It makes us intensely proud when we hear about how our sessions have positively affected participants, the ripple effect this has on other areas of their lives and how this impact is sustained. All feedback is important to us, we are always looking to improve and maximise the benefit and outcomes of our activities. If you would like to speak with us about out services, from positive comments to a complaint, please CONTACT US using the tab above.

Encouraging others to take on a challenge...

Angling Unlimited encourages young people to be the best they can be, so when NCS The Challenge approached us to take part in their Birmingham programme we accepted in a shot! NCS is a government funded initiative that brings together schools, community organisations, business  and individuals to build a more cohesive society.

To provide the group with a new experience where they could learn new skills and support others, we provided them with training on how to set up and use a fishing pole, so that they could assist our qualified coaches in running a day's fishing for young adults with physical disabilities. The Assistant Programme Manager, Pollyanna Noonan, said, "It offered the young people a great way of developing essential life skills and [the environment provided] offered a sense of belonging. Right from the start, the benefits to our young people by the training given was obvious. Both the young people's reaction and those they helped during the day's fishing was extremely positive". 

Providing an alternative educational setting...

In 2017, a group from North Bromsgrove High School took part in our 6 week Hooked on Learning programme. Here's what their Deputy Head Teacher, Adam Smith, had to report back on their experience:

"Each of the Year 9 pupils were referred for different reasons ranging from inconsistent attendance, low self-esteem and challenging behaviour and lack of general engagement with the school. Each of the boys has expressed a genuine appreciation of the opportunity they have accessed and has displayed visible and verbal pride and passion in their achievements. 

As one simple example, one of the boys is subject to a Worcestershire Children's Services plan due to periods of going missing, risk of criminal exploitation, erratic school attendance and risk of permanent exclusion. Since the 6 week programme started he has not missed a single Friday and has not missed any school in the last 3 consecutive weeks. This in the large part is down to the opportunity he has embraced through the Hooked on Learning programme". 


Coming out of the comfort zone...

One of the participants from Birmingham Vision told us how apprehensive and unsure he was about trying fishing as someone with a visual impairment. However, after completing just one session he had this to say:

"If I had listened to my initial instincts I would have missed out on an event that turned out to be a lot of fun and I would never have learned that people with no sight can do this successfully. I have learned a very important lesson from this experience; don’t assume anything before trying something as you never know what you might find out. I really look forward to this hopefully being made a regular event as it is so much fun and a lovely way to relax and do something calming and peaceful".