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Dec 8, 2016

Family Days!

Family Day Feedback
Category: General
Posted by: Andrew Walker

Over the years we have be actively encouraging whole families to engage together in learning about fishing.  So, during the Summer Holidays we provided a scheme for families of children with learning and physical disabilities.   Here is feedback from a local Downes Support Group who had the opportunity to enjoy a days fishing together:   

“We all gathered at Alvechurch Fisheries that morning with some anticipation and a little excitement as the grey clouds loomed overhead. Introductions done then each person fishing strolled to their fishing spot with their fishing instructor, watched by anxious parents/carers.

Then it rained! This was going to be a short day, we all thought – how wrong were we! Umbrellas hastily put up and the parents/carers took on the role of brolly holder.

Mathew’s mum – “I could not believe it, not in my wildest dreams did I think Mathew would sit for so long in the rain, he never stopped smiling as he caught each fish. He was so excited it was great to see.”

Kate, “I didn’t think I would like it, but once I caught a fish I wanted to catch more and try and beat my best mate Sam.”

Sam, “I loved it, it was so cool. I caught a big fish and I want to do it again.”

Mark’s dad, “It was brilliant – Mark doesn’t do anything or go anywhere. He thinks people are always looking at him because of his disability. The fishing instructors treated him as an equal and were so patient with him, he was thrilled to catch so many fish’. He wasn’t bothered by the rain at all!”

Mark (C) mum, “Mark had a great time. He said the man made him laugh and he got soaking wet. He said to me ‘You should have seen the big fish I caught mum it was ace!”

Five year old Jack’s mum said, “Jack can’t sit still for very long, although he was up and down a lot the instructor was very patient with him. Jack took some photos into school for ‘show and tell’ where he normally only says a couple of words. The teacher was amazed Jack stood up went to each child to show them the fishing rod he was holding in the photograph and didn’t stop talking about the fish. They had never seen him so excited and animated about anything before. It was great to have some positive feedback from the school about Jack. Let us know when you are arranging the next one – Jack will definitely be coming again!”

Sue, “It was an amazing day seeing these young people with a wide range of needs all participating and having fun, even in the rain and cold wind. I was very impressed with the approach of all the instructors who shared their enthusiasm for the sport, showed empathy and extreme patience in terrible weather conditions to ensure each individual achieved something that day and went home feeling very proud of themselves. Thank you, look forward to the next fishing day – let’s hope the sun shines next time.”

Angling Unlimited are so very grateful to Alvechurch Fisheries who continue to help support us in this initiative.


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