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Our mission

We believe people should have the opportunity to:

  • Experience and enjoy angling
  • Enjoy a healthy competitive environment.
  • Have a quality introduction to angling suited to their level of personal development.
  • Be offered excellent teaching, coaching and resources.
  • Progress along a structured pathway of achievement.
  • Fulfil their angling potential.

We work in partnership with other organisations, to create quality educational programmes based on environmental, conservation, and angling basics for young people aged 8+ years.

We seek to raise educational achievement and angling knowledge, delivering through schools and community centres.

Our Totally Hooked Scheme works with the elderly and adults living with strokes, brain injuries, disabilities, bereavement and depression.


Our key objectives are to:

  • Extend the range of angling opportunities available to young people which best meets their interests.
  • Benefit learning development in schools, building on links with local primary and secondary schools.
  • Provide help for the elderly and adults with fishing programmes catered to their needs.


Education and active play are vital to all young people’s development.

Angling Unlimited has developed a series of linked and progressive schemes for all young people aged 8 – 17 years.

Our innovative and diversionary projects are inclusive to any young person who would positively benefit from participation. We focus on some specific issues:

  • Young people at risk of crime; either as a victim or offender,
  • Those with low self esteem or confidence,
  • Addressing poor school attendance,
  • Tackling underachievement,
  • Encouraging participation of teenage girls, and young people with disability.
  • Tackling social exclusion within primary and secondary schools through environmental/angling related education.

Angling Unlimited utilises a number of key resources to achieve its objectives and tackle key issues.

  1. OCN Course
  2. Dreamstore Education Action Zone
  3. Totally Hooked
  4. Angling Tuition
  5. Hooked on Fishing

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