Birmingham Vision get Totally Hooked!

After coming for a taster session in April with Pete, our Project Coordinator, the participants loved it so much that we have set up a number of future sessions over the coming months!

Birmingham Vision provide services which blind and partially sighted people can fully participate in, and link people into their local communities to access services where they live. Similarly, our Totally Hooked programme aims to provide an inclusive fishing experience. For those with visual impairment or sight loss, fishing may appear to be a sport that is not particularly accessible. As one participant put it, "I always thought that fishing would be too visual for somebody with no sight. I turned up at the venue still apprehensive and unsure as to how much I would really get out of an event like this."

But that apprehension soon turned to itself around! The participant goes on, "within five minutes or so of getting the rod in my hands and being shown what to do, I quickly found out that vision is not hugely important when doing this sport because you are able to feel the fish on the end of the hook and sometimes you can even feel them biting if it’s strong enough. As time went on and I caught my first fish I started not only to feel relaxed but I was really enjoying myself and found it very therapeutic and relaxing, also a lot of fun! I hope me sharing this will inspire others to step out of there comfort zone and maybe attempt something that you’ve never done before."

If you'd like to find out more about our Totally Hooked sessions please Contact Us.

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