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My husband Chris was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 – it was all very sudden following a seizure and there was no previous history or inclination that there was anything wrong – in fact he was in hospital for severalmonths as they could not agree at first that it was indeed MS as Chris' symptoms are so unique.

Whereas a majority MS sufferers lose mobility, Chris' brain damage has been aggressive and affects his speech, learning, short term memory and cognition. He is 38 and now medically retired from the Council. He's an intelligent guy and in the past has been a Porsche mechanic, designed websites, ran a boarding kennels, worked with the Police, entered bodybuilding competitions and even took part in the Daquar rally across Saudi! Because of where we live he is now practically housebound. His main companions are our new beagle, Reggie, and our African grey parrot Tim.

Photo: Chris with fishWhen he was younger he used to go fishing a lot and it is the one thing that he has started to take an interest in again, and doesn't seem to struggle with too much.We bought him a lot of new gear last year which he hasn't had much time to use so may need help getting to grips with.

I wanted to thank you both for Chris's day yesterday…It has been a long time since I have seen him so upbeat! He was so proud that he caught something – he said that he tried harder than he usually does to show the coach that he could do it, which is brilliant as he's given up trying recently – some weeks he can't even be bothered to have a shave. His confidence had a real boost and he can't wait until his next fishing trip.

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