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Volunteering With Us

As a small charity we need all the free help we can get.

We ask if you would give up some of your free time for the opportunity to get involved with our cause and hopefully bring some fun with it. If you’re already an angler you can enjoy your favourite sport while sharing it with others. If you’re not an angler don’t click away as this will give anyone a chance to get more involved with the sport or just for anybody who wants to help children, young people, those with disabilities or the elderly. If anything else it looks good on your C.V.

For those none anglers out there looking for something to add to your C.V or just willing to give us a helping hand, we need I.T support once or twice a week. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you can update a CMS website, set up and maintain a small computer network or whether you're are willing to learn either skill.

Contact Andrew Walker on 0121 475 2288 mobile 0787 9492 179 or email

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Contact us if you or somebody you know would like a print version of the flyer.

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