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Michael is a Year 10 student and has a statement for ADHD. Michael found working in an academic environment in school very difficult and was regularly excluded from school. As he already had an interest in fishing, he was enrolled onto one of Get Hooked on Fishing Midlands (Angling Unlimited) Open College Network angling courses, consisting of both theory and practical work.

The course was an ideal solution for Michael and since taking part, his behaviour at school has greatly improved. His teachers have commented that his behaviour is now “sensible and mature”. Michael has now completed his first OCN Level 2 course, producing a great deal of written work in the form of a portfolio and has also given a PowerPoint presentation about fishing to a small audience: his teachers says this “is something of a revelation as Michael would never have had the confidence to attempt anything like this before.” And that the course “has definitely been a very positive experience for Michael”. Michael is now well into his second OCN course and is doing very well.

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