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Nathan was a Year 11 student who experience behavioural difficulties, had special needs and struggled to form positive relationships with peers and adults. He was selected by the school to attend the Get Hooked on Fishing Midlands (Angling Unlimited) OCN course after expressing an interest in fishing.

After initial apprehension and some anxiety about who would be working with him and what he was expected to do, he became a keen and enthusiastic student. He turned up punctually every time and was always fully prepared for the sessions, something he had never done before for school. He also related very well to the tutor.

The course had a positive impact upon Nathan in various ways. As a young man he found it easier to relate to adults, being able to be more relaxed and personable. The fishing experience was often the staring point of conversations which then developed further. However it was his skills that were clearly enhanced; such as eye contact and body language, as well as appropriateness of language used. Nathan developed trust in staff who had supported him to attend the course, which again, for a troubled young man, was a big step forward. His language skills were also used in his oral assessments at his PowerPoint presentations, which were good and one was submitted as part of his G.C.S.E. English course.

Nathan developed his organisational skills. The preparation for the course and the work he completed, resulted in him achieving some success in his life, which motivated him to attend more lessons and aim higher in them too.

The school and his Teachers found that Nathan developed greater confidence and maturity in his dealings with people in school and his self-esteem was definitely raised.

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